Edward Rolwes has authored for publication numerous articles related to attorney liability, attorney ethics and other professional liability  issues for nearly 20 years, including the following:

Law Practice Management

Attorney Referrals: Avoiding the Pitfalls, Vol. 80, Illinois Bar Journal, May, 1992
It’s What You Don’t Do That Prompts Clients to Sue, Vol. 140, No 98, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 18, 1994

Other Topics

Dental Malpractice: The Stages of a Malpractice Claim, Vol. 90, No. __, Chicago Dental Society Review, March, 1997

Dental Malpractice: Practical Tips on Avoiding a Dental Malpractice Claim, Vol. 89, No. 8, Chicago Dental Society Review, September, 1996

Dental Malpractice: What is Dental Malpractice? The Elements of a Malpractice Claim, Vol. 89, No. 9, Chicago Dental Society Review, October, 199